Caregivers often take on new or additional responsibilities for their loved ones such as providing rides to and from appointments, managing medication, providing medical care, symptom management, and making sure that the home is a safe place to be.

This page has information on general resources, how to prepare your home, medication management, and treatment side effects to help you prepare for the home care that often is provided during the cancer journey.

General Resources

Caring for the Patient with Cancer at Home
American Cancer Society
General information and a downloadable ABC guide on how to to prepare your home for someone going through cancer treatment.

When Someone Your Love is Being Treated for Cancer
National Cancer Institute
Information and resources for caregivers who are supporting someone going through cancer treatment.

Providing Care at Home
Information and resources on finding professional home healthcare and providing care at home by yourself.

Preparing Family Members to Care for the Patient at Home
Oncology Nurse Adviser Website
Outlines the key tasks and responsibilities of caregiving at home.

How to Prepare Your Home

Preventing Infection in Cancer Patients: Information for Patients and Caregivers
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Explains 3 major steps for preventing infections: watching out for fever, cleaning hands, and knowing the signs of infection.

Medication Management

Tools to Monitor Treatment
American Cancer Society
Provides a Side Effects Worksheet; Radiation Side Effects Worksheet; Pain Diary, and Medicine List.

A to Z List of Cancer Drugs
National Cancer Institute
Medications list that includes information on common cancer drugs being used for patients and possible reactions and side effects that may happen.

ChemoCare: Drug Information
Lists information on current cancer drugs and possible side effects.

Sample Medication Record Form
Family Caregiver Alliance

Side Effects

Managing Side Effects
Provides techniques to manage side effects from cancer treatment.

Physical Side Effects
American Cancer Society
Descriptions of some of the physical side effects that can happen from cancer treatments and how to handle them.

Cancer Treatment: Side Effects
National Cancer Institute
Explains common side effects experienced by patients due to cancer treatment.


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