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Caregivers at N.C. Cancer Hospital


Who is a Caregiver?

If you are currently, or are about to become, a caregiver we first want to say thank you.

Caregiving is a very important role that takes time, sacrifice, patience, understanding, and love. Whether you are a friend, partner, spouse, or family member of a loved one with cancer, you are a key part of their healthcare team. Just like doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff, you too are on the front lines of the cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Caregiving is not an easy job. It is an experience that can be puzzling and overwhelming and very rewarding. The North Carolina Cancer Hospital is committed to supporting caregivers like you, and believes that you deserve as much support as your loved one during this difficult time. This website was created just for you and has resources and information to guide you through this journey.

About This Website

This website was created through a partnership between the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Support Program (CCSP) and the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health to address the unique needs of caregivers during the cancer journey. The CCSP is part of the N.C. Cancer Hospital which supports patients and caregivers throughout treatment, recovery, and survivorship.

In order to decide what information was most helpful, current and past caregivers were asked about their experiences, as well as what types of resources they felt they needed. Hospital physicians, nurses, and other staff members also helped gather information based on their professional experience with caregivers every day. While most of the resources are cancer-specific, some are tailored to caregiving for aging individuals or individuals managing other chronic diseases. We encourage the use of this information because these illnesses share many things in common with cancer.

Words cannot express our gratitude to all the wonderful caregivers and hospital staff who volunteered their time and energy to bring this website to you, the caregiver.

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