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Sadly, there may come a time when your loved one’s cancer no longer responds to treatment and end of life care may be necessary. End of life care focused on managing pain and boosting quality of life. Hospice is care with the goal of helping your loved one be as comfortable as possible. Hospice services can be given at home, in hospitals, or at other facilities. The resources on this page can help you and your loved one approach and navigate end of life care so that both your needs are met and your loved ones wishes are respected.

Hospice Care
UNC Hospitals
Provides information on Hospice Care provided at UNC Hospitals, including details on who is eligible for hospice, what services are offered, and where services are available. Social workers at N.C. Cancer Hospital are available to help you and to lead talks with you, your loved one, and your hospital care team.

UNC Hospice Bereavement Services
UNC Hospitals
Resources, support groups, and other activities that are available to help caregivers and their loved ones cope with the grieving process.

Where to Find My Important Papers
Family Caregiver Alliance
A printable guide to give loved ones so they know where to find important information, like credit card information, insurance policies, bank passwords, medical power of attorney, wills, and more.

Legal Matters
For more information on wills, advance directives, power of attorney, and other N.C. Cancer Hospital Legal Services available to you.

When Someone You Love Has Advanced Cancer
NCI National Cancer Institute 
Provides in-depth information for navigating end-of-life-care, and suggests topics that loved ones and their family can discuss in order to prepare for this stage of the illness.

Nearing the End of Life
American Cancer Society
Discusses what caregivers can expect during their loved one’s last months of life, and provides answers for many of the questions caregivers and their loved ones might ask during this stage of their illness.

UNC Health
Planning For The Course Ahead
Advanced Cancer Care Planning
A pdf booklet designed to help you and your loved one plan for end-of-life care, treatment options, as well as legal and financial considerations.


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