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Many people and resources call the period after treatment as a time where you and your loved one adjust to the “new normal.” Even though the cancer treatment may have ended, your loved one can still be dealing with side effects from the treatment including fatigue, low energy, pain, problems sleeping, or even nerve pain and lymphedema (which is a condition of pain and swelling in the arms, legs or torso.) While some of these side effects and changes might be temporary, some may last a long time, resulting in that “new normal” for you and your loved one to adjust to.

Beyond physical changes, there are emotional adjustments for both you and your loved one in adjusting to their new life and for you in in your role as a caregiver. Here are some resources available specifically to help with this transition period from advice on what to do now to yoga classes and retreats for you and your loved one to attend.

NC Cancer Hospital Resources:

Cancer Transitions
A free class on how to move from active treatment to post-treatment or after-treatment. There are six weekly classes for 2.5 hours each week.

A free after cancer care program, “Get REAL & HEEL is not just an exercise program. It integrates individualized prescriptive exercise with psychosocial therapies to provide a program that strengthens your body and mind. We’ll develop an individualized plan that will help you manage cancer treatment related symptoms and help you increase your chances of survivorship while increasing your quality of life.”

Information on other Survivorship Programs offered to individuals who received treatment at NC Cancer Hospital.

Beyond Treatment
Cancer Support Community
Advice and resources on dealing with health issues that might arise after going through cancer treatment, specifically fatigue, sleep changes, cognitive problems, lymphedema, nerve damage and pain.

Facing Forward: When Someone You Love has Completed Treatment (PDF version)
National Cancer Institute
A booklet with advice and tips for caregivers and families to transition from cancer treatment to post-treatment care.

Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment (PDF version)
National Cancer Institute
A booklet for cancer patients and their families addressing issues that might arise in their post-treatment life.

Caregiving After Treatment
National Cancer Institute
Advice specifically for caregivers on life for them and their loved ones after cancer treatment is over. This resource examines the emotional adjustments that you and your loved one might go through in order to find this ‘new normal.’

Adjusting to Life After Caregiving
Key messages for caregivers about what they can do now that their loved one has finished cancer treatment.



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