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It is very common for cancer patients to experience uncomfortable side effects in response to treatment. These side effects can be unpredictable and vary by person. This page has helpful resources on the different side effects you and your loved one might encounter during the course of cancer treatment and post-treatment, and it provides various solutions to alleviate pain and keep your loved one as comfortable as possible.


Coping With Side Effects
Cancer Support Community
An educational booklet and personal planner combination designed to help people learn about cancer treatments and manage the potential physical side effects from treatment, as well as the emotional burden.


Physical Side Effects
American Cancer Society
Descriptions of the various physical side effects that can result from cancer treatments and how to mitigate them.


Tools to Monitor Treatment
American Cancer Society

Includes The Chemotherapy Side Effects Worksheet; Radiation Side Effects Worksheet; Pain Diary, and Medicine List from the American Cancer Society.


Caring for the Patient with Cancer at Home
American Cancer Society
Allows you to search for information and resources by the specific side effects.


Cancer Treatment: Side Effects
National Cancer Institute
Explanation common side effects experienced by patients due to cancer treatment.


Coping with Nausea and Vomiting from Chemotherapy
A PDF booklet that provides tips for preventing and coping with the side effects specifically related to chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting.

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