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Although the hospital wants to help care and treat your loved one, it can also be an overwhelming place. Being a caregiver for your loved one at the hospital means navigating the halls and floors, and listening to your loved one’s care team so that your loved one can focus on getting treatment. You may have to transport your loved one to the hospital and figure out housing if you are coming from out of town. You also may have to serve as an advocate and ask questions of the care team on behalf of your loved one.

The resources in this section are specific to being a caregiver of an individual going through cancer treatment at N.C. Cancer Hospital. Pages include information about the Patient and Family Resource Center, Places to know in and out of the hospital, Parking and Transportation, and Housing and places to stay. Additionally there are N.C. Cancer Hospital specific resources in the Money Matters and at N.C. Cancer Hospital sections of the website.






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