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The Patient and Family Resource Center serves as the central location of the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program at the N.C. Cancer Hospital. It is located on the ground floor of the N.C. Cancer Hospital, next to the pharmacy. It serves as the central hub for services available to patients, caregivers, and their families in order to help them meet challenges related to cancer treatment, diagnosis, and outside life issues.

The Resource Center offers a library, computers, boutique for wigs and head coverings, private consultation rooms, and a quiet place for relaxation, among other things. There is a small kitchen stocked with snacks, drinks, tea, and coffee. Trained staff offer patient education, support, evaluation for legal and financial assistance, and referrals. The Comprehensive Cancer Support Program partners with many communities across North Carolina so please check with us to find some of the local resources in your community.


To learn more about the different services you can find at the Resource Center, click on the links below:


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