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It is important for caregivers to continue to care for themselves physically throughout the cancer journey. This can sometimes be difficult when a large amount of time is devoted to caregiving activities. Finding the time and energy for an exercise class, or making a healthy dinner can sometimes feel like too much work in the midst of everything else on your shoulders. However, there are many resources available that provide guidance for caregivers on how to incorporate physical care into their busy and stressful routines.



Caregiver Health
Family Caregiver Alliance
A wealth of research that has been conducted showing how caregiving responsibilities take a toll on caregivers’ health – physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

How to Beat Caregiver Stress and Stay Healthy
Being a caregiver can be a very stressful experience. Although some stress can be good for you (stress that helps you cope and respond to a change or challenge), long-term stress of any kind, including caregiver stress, can lead to serious health problems. There are ways to recognize the physical effects stress can have on your life as a caregiver.


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