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You and your loved one may be spending most of your time inside the hospital. It is important to step outside every now and then to get some fresh air. Below are a list of outside spaces at the N.C. Cancer Hospital and city of Chapel Hill that both caregivers and hospital staff recommend:

Outside Patio
Located outside of the Starbucks in the lobby of the N.C. Cancer Hospital, the patio has chairs and tables with umbrellas so you can sit in the sun or the shade. The area is fenced-in so children can run around to burn some energy.

Located just outside of the N.C. Cancer Hospital, you can walk the labyrinth to gather your thoughts or sit nearby on a bench. It can be accessed by taking the elevator to the basement level and exiting the glass doors by Radiology.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus
UNC is known for its beautiful, historic campus. Since students are always walking to and from class, there are plenty of well-lit sidewalks and crosswalks – which makes it a safe and enjoyable place to walk. For a map of central campus, click here.

North Carolina Botanical Garden
Just a few minutes’ drive from the N.C. Cancer Hospital, there are multiple gardens with walking paths that are free to the public.

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