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If you are new to Chapel Hill you may not be familiar with the area surrounding the N.C. Cancer Hospital. Whether you are here with your loved one for just a few days or a longer period of time you may want to know where you can buy everyday items, get a bite to eat or just get away from the hospital for a little while. This page should help you find your way around Chapel Hill so you can easily navigate to the places where you need to go.

Both CVS and Walgreens are just a short bus ride away, on Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill.

Downtown Chapel Hill
The town of Chapel Hill provides a comprehensive list of dining options in town from quick to-go meals to places you can enjoy a sit down meal with your family or friends.

Downtown Chapel Hill
If you find that you need clothes, shoes, gifts or just want to browse to get away from the hospital for a few hours, Chapel Hill has a number of shopping options.

There are plenty of ways to get exercise and stay healthy during your time in Chapel Hill. Check out a local park to take a stroll, attend a free community activity at the Carrboro Century Center or check out other Parks and Recreational facilities in Chapel Hill. Patients and caregivers at the N.C. Cancer Hospital are eligible for passes to attend the local YMCA. For more information and to receive these passes, please contact the Patient and Family Resource Center at 984-974-8100.


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