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As a caregiver you might find yourself letting your personal needs fall by the wayside. But while you take care of your loved one, you need to take care of yourself. This page focuses on caring for you, while you care for your loved one.


What is Self-Care?
Self-Care Foundation
This resource provides a general definition for the concept of “self-care” and strategies for practicing it.


How Cancer Caregivers Can Take Care of Themselves
Conquer Cancer Foundation
This resource provides information on how caregivers can practice self-care and how to detect the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Additionally, it suggests ways to cope with depression and anxiety and how to ask for help.


Caring for Your Mind Body & Spirit
National Cancer Hospital
This resource provides helpful tips for how caregivers can physically and mentally practice self-care and debunks common misconceptions associated with self-care and the caregiver role.


How to Beat Caregiver Stress & Stay Healthy
This website lists and describes the common physical and emotional pitfalls caregivers are susceptible to such as weight gain and sleep deprivation, and it provides practical tips for how to avoid them.


Coping Checklists for Caregivers
Conquer Cancer Foundation
This checklist allows caregivers to assess their current coping skills within the caregiver role and how to address unhealthy coping techniques.

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