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In the course of your loved one’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, there may be times where your family and friends, who themselves have not been a caregiver, may not fully understand what you and your loved one are going through. Support Groups allow you to talk with other caregivers about your experience caring for someone living with a cancer diagnosis. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a group of individuals going through a similar experience may help you process your feelings and reduce your stress.

Support groups can be in person or as part of an online community. They can be found within your cancer center or hospital, in your regional community, or in your faith-based community. Support groups allow you to talk about practical issues related to treatment, process your loved one’s diagnosis with others, and find a community where you can share things they might not want you to share with your family and friends. By sharing with and hearing from other individuals going through the caregiving journey, you may be able cope with the stress of this unexpected role and manage your emotions better. Below are some different types of support group options for caregivers.

At NC Cancer Hospital:

Caregiver Conversations
UNC Lineberger
This group meets every Tuesday from 3 – 4pm in the Patient and Family Resource Center.  It is open to any caregiver of an oncology patient being treated at UNC

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